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HDPE boats

Design and Specifications

The design of the boat is made on the principle that is used in shipbuilding, and has both transverse frames, and a longitudinal bottom and sub-deck set. All connections of parts are made by extrusion welding and butt welding. We use plastic sheet material of the german manufacturers.

The keel of the boats is 22 degrees. The perimeter of the boat consists of pipes with a minimum thickness of 12.3 mm, which make up three independent compartments separated by bulkheads. In case of damage, the compartments are not reported, which ensures buoyancy and safety.

The boat has a double bottom that communicates with the atmosphere and has a dehumidifying pump. The latter has two channels for controlling the motor and steering system.

The outer skin has a thickness of 10 mm and is made of sheet material. The transom of the boat is made of 30 mm solid material and is supported by stairs and longitudinal bulkheads.

Anti-slip rubber mats can be installed on the boat’s deck. A bulwark is installed on the sides of the bulwarks to prevent splashing into the boat from the waves. Boats are equipped with consoles that fully recline and have a good access for installing electric power and propulsion systems and control systems.

Along the perimeter of the boat, a 60 mm rebound strip is installed, which is welded to the hull. Steps with anti-slip relief are provided at the stern and bow for safe entry into and exit from the boat. The width of the boats does not exceed 2.450 mm, which allows them to be transported by land transport – a conventional truck.