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TS Boats is a separate branch of the company TS MARINE. Company is engaged in the production of work boats made of polyethylene by butt and extrusion welding.

Firstly, the process of preparing parts is carried out using CNC machines. It allows you to get accurate parts for subsequent Assembly. Highly qualified employees with more than 12 years of experience perform all subsequent welding and Assembly.

Workers make the boat hull structure by welding pipes with the CNC butt tube welding method using a CNC machine. This design defines the overall geometry of the watercraft. Next, the team attaches the pipes to the frames and a longitudinal set. And then they sheath it with sheets of the required shape. Similarly, this method is identical to the shipbuilding method. As a result, this allows to get the final product with very high strength characteristics necessary for the working boat.

Industrial building with a striking red facade and yellow trim around the edges and on the gables. Office TSBoats.
A man piloting a HDPE boat by TS Boats with a Suzuki outboard motor, making a sharp turn near a coastal jetty, a clear blue sky

About HDPE boat manufacturing

TS Boats can to adapt the serial product to the customer’s requirements.

We can offer various modifications of the boat.

For example: we customize consoles, add fuel tanks, storage, lockers, benches, seats, etc., to the boat.

We can equip our boats with the necessary equipment according to the configuration requirement. We install motors and controls according to the customer’s preferences.

We can also offer solutions for storing boats and trailers for transportation. So that our client gets the finished product in their hands in full equipment.

The Estonian water Department in accordance with the European Directive 2013/53/EU licenses TS Marine.

Who Are We

TS Boats, a division of TS MARINE, specializes in manufacturing polyethylene work boats.

Our Task

Exactly at the indicated time we provide services to customers and provide a high level of service.

Our Vision

Our employees believe that the success of our customers is also our success.