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Advantages of Polyethylene Boats


The density of polyethylene is from 930 to 970 kg/m3. This makes the material lighter than water. This means that it is 8 times lighter than steel and 3 times lighter than aluminum. Moreover, this means that boats made of this material will not sink when submerged in the water, even if all the compartments are completely flooded.
Polyethylene is an elastic material that prevents deformation and cracking of the boat; it is very resistant to damage in a collision.
Resistant to aging. The service life of polyethylene is estimated at least 50 years, but the characteristics prove that in reality it is much higher.
Resistance to corrosion and the marine environment
Oxygen, salt and water do not affect the polyethylene.
Resistance to the chemical environment
Polyethylene is highly resistant to chemically aggressive environments.
High impact resistance
Polyethylene is strong and flexible due to its elastic properties. The boat’s rugged hull is ideal for coastal work.
You can make local repairs to damaged parts quickly and easily.
No maintenance required
Polyethylene repels and does not absorb dirt. The boat does not require the application of antifouling. This reduces the cost of maintaining the boat to a minimum.